ResidentAgent® Franchising Scheme

I am already in a big Estate Agent (company), why do I need to use “ResidentAgent®” brand name?

“Resident Agent” is a buzzword widely used in the real estate industry due to the ease of positioning of oneself as a real estate salesperson focusing in his/her own Home Estate.

However, there are too many “resident agents” living in the same estate trying to claim strong foothold of his or her estate. At the end of the day, none of them can become the clear top producer of the estate.

In contrast, the founder who lives at Maplewoods Condominium, has found it very fruitful to focus his attention at as the sole registered ResidentAgent® since 2006. This is due to strong branding exercise done on the ResidentAgent® brand name which is a trademark registered with The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS).

What benefits do I enjoy?
You still will be working under the umbrella of your existing Estate Agent (be it sole proprietorship, partnership or company) as there is no “physical recruitment”.

Home Estate is where you are currently living in (per address in your NRIC) or such vicinity as we may deem appropriate.

You will be the sole registered ResidentAgent® for your Home Estate – no other salesperson may be registered as such for your Home Estate.

You will enjoy exposure to potential clients in your Home Estate through our proprietary marketing materials such as our E Cook Book, E ButlerBook, Compass® - House Hunting Game and the latest mobile App - Tack It!® - Resident NoticeBoard™.

You will be able to operate under our “ResidentAgent®” brand and operating model which have been since 2006 to reach out to clients/residents of your Home Estate.

What you earn from your real estate transactions belong to you – there is no need to share your commissions with the Franchisor.

While you focus your efforts in your Home Estate as a registered ResidentAgent®, you will have the flexibility of continuing with real estate transactions outside of your Home Estate, if you wish.

You will get to spend quality time with your family and children as you are mainly working from your Home Estate.

How many hours do I work as a normal salesperson compared to registered ResidentAgent®?

  Normal salesperson Registered ResidentAgent®
Geographical Target Areas (GTA estates) Many One
Average No. of working days per week 6 days 1 day*
Average No. of working hours per day 5 hours 4 hours
Total Average No. of working hours per week 30 hours 4 hours
Total Average No. of working hours per month 120 hours 16 hours
Extra working hours per month +104 hours  

* Once-a-week GroupTour-Viewing either on Saturday or Sunday (2pm- showing 2 bedroom units; 3pm- showing 3 bedroom units; 4pm-showing 4 bedroom units; 5pm-showing 5 bedroom units)

Financial Comparison (rough guide only)

  Normal salesperson Registered ResidentAgent®
Gross Annual Commission Earned $100,000 $100,000
(1) Annual Car expenses    
Own a car (Monthly instalments/ tax / patrol/ maintenance/ etc) $36,000  
No need to own a car (car rental average $500/month)   $6,000
(2) Annual Property Portal Expenses (assumed same)    
Expenses in various portals $2,000 $2,000
(3) Annual Marketing Expenses (assumed same)    
Franchise Fee
$20/unit/year* X 300 units (eg.) inclusive of marketing materials and exposures of your name/phone via Tack It!® in your Home Estate
Pamphlets distributions
For various Condos/HDB/Landed estates all over Singapore
Net Annual Commission Earned $56,000 $86,000
Net Monthly Commission Earned $4,666 $7,166
Total Average No. of working hours per month 120 hours 16 hours
Net Hourly Commission Earned $38 $448

What is the applicable franchise fee?
Franchise Fee per unit: S$20/= Per Year
No. of units: 200 units (minimum per Home Estate, whichever is higher)
Total Franchise Fee: S$4,000/= Per Year (one-time payment)

What pre-requisites do I need to meet under the ResidentAgent®  Franchising Scheme?
You should:
  1. be a salesperson registered with the Council for Estate Agencies;
  2. and have no disciplinary action (or impending disciplinary action to be) commenced against you under the Estate Agents Act (Cap 95A).

I am keen to proceed. What are my next steps?
Do a search @ ResidentAgent® Directory to see if your estate been taken up. If it is still available, register your interest by emailing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following information:
  1. In the heading of your email, indicate the name of your Home Estate (i.e. condominium/HDB/landed estate): “ResidentAgent® District Master Franchise – [name of Home Estate]”;
  2. Number of units in your home estate;
  3. Full name (per CEA registration);
  4. Mobile number (per CEA registration);
  5. Name of Estate Agent;
  6. CEA License number;
  7. CEA Registration number;
  8. Home Address (per NRIC) - please attach images of your front and back of your NRIC.

Country Master Franchisee (Singapore)

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