RESIDENT NOTICEBOARD™ - Connecting Neighbours™. Building Kampung Spirit.

Latest version of this mobile app is now available for use in
ALL individual residential estates in Singapore!

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Resident NoticeBoard™ (Tack It!®) – is Singapore’s first E notice board mobile app made available to neighbours living in the same estate. It was created with the main objective of building better kampung spirit. Neighbours are able to share information concerning livelihood in their own estate. On top of this, everyone can reach out to every other estate in Singapore by way of our unique “INTER-ESTATE” features. These include E-Commerce Platforms, Recipe-Sharing Platform and Home Maintenance Discussion Forum.

This mobile app is developed by for INDIVIDUAL residential estates in Singapore (Total: 5,000 +/- estates). It probably has become Singapore’s first home grown social media platform.

Here are details of the different categories of this mobile app:
“Within-Same-Estate” Categories
  • 75% of the features reach out to neighbours in the same estate;
  • Promoting “kampung spirit” (collegiality) among neighbours;
  • Say hello to neighbours with greetings or festive seasons wishes;
  • Gather neighbours for neighbourhood activities;
  • Look for neighbours of the same interests such as fishing, Chinese chess sessions etc;
  • Alert neighbours of cheap sales or bargain items at nearby stores or wet markets;
  • Garage sale within your estate – saves on transport cost;
  • Old books to give away? Want to borrow a ladder? Go green and share;
  • Announce to your neighbourhood that you have found a teddy bear or lost your puppy in the estate playground;
  • Suggest improvement ideas to fellow neighbours on the very run-down carpark or exercise corner;
  • Inform EstateManagement/MCST/town councils on fallen tree branches or choked drainage with attached photos;
  • Make announcement by EstateManagement committee/MCST/town councils;
  • Wish to know any neighbour selling his/her house in your estate? Be informed by Registered ResidentAgent® who is also staying in your estate, on properties for sale & rent, on property transactions and even the once-a-week GroupTour-Viewing-Schedule!
Inter-Estate Categories
  • 25% of the features reach out to every other estate in the whole of Singapore;
  • Promoting your company products & services, free of charge, in MiniMall® - our e-commerce platform;
  • Promoting your B2B products & services, free of charge, in MiniMall® - our e-commerce platform;
  • Sharing of your under-utilized resources, free of charge, in MiniMall® - our e-commerce platform;
  • Sharing of your recipes with residents of all other estates in the whole of Singapore;
  • Sharing of your views on home maintenance issues and participate in a home maintenance forum.
How to use? Simply key in your residential postal code (and DECLARE as an “owner or occupant” of the house/estate you are currently living in, as per Terms of Use) and you can get connected to your fellow neighbours in seconds!

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