Background of ResidentAgent®

Background of ResidentAgent®

Getting frustrated searching through heaps of advertisements while trying to find properties for sale in Singapore through property portals and coming across some salespersons who don’t even know the project at all?

Wasting so much time calling duplicating advertisements while trying to find properties for rent in Singapore through property portals and still cannot find the right unit?

Having hard time finding the right salesperson (to sell or lease) who knows not only your property well but also the lifestyle living in the same estate (so he/she is well positioned to market your unit to buyers/tenants)?

Spending whole day trying to arrange for viewings for your customers (buyers & tenants) by calling 10 over co-broke salespersons through property portals – one by one – and end up only able to arrange a few and still not able to get confirmation till the day of the viewing and yet some of them cancel on you last minute?

These are just some examples of the frustrations that buyers, tenants, owners and salespersons are facing every day with so many property portals in Singapore.

Started as a brick and mortar business model since 2006, ResidentAgent® David focuses 90% of his real estate transactions in Maplewoods condominium where he lives. He doesn’t even own a car and that is how focused and productive he is in Maplewoods condominium.

Since then, many buyers, tenants, owners and co-broke Sales Persons have benefited from this focused effort. No time is wasted, no dummy listings, a quick phone call and ResidentAgent® David is able to show house hunters genuine listings almost immediately. Being a resident residing in the estate since 1997 November (TOP time), ResidentAgent® David is able to share with house hunters the lifestyle living in Maplewoods. This value-add is exactly what house hunters want nowadays and not just those commonly-available details such as size, floor plan, photos of the properties.

Unintentionally, over the years, a unique directory is slowly forming.

By logging onto the directory, house hunters are able to locate each and every Registered ResidentAgent®s of every estate in Singapore.

Buyers are able to find properties to buy in Singapore through 
the directory productively.

Tenants are able to find their properties to rent in Singapore through 
the directory productively.

Owners who go through ResidentAgent®s to sell/lease their properties are assured of this focused marketing propositions for the simple fact that everyone, yes, everyone be they buyers, tenants and all co-broke Sales Persons will be calling your ResidentAgent® of your estate first (instead of other salespersons) whenever they want to buy/rent a unit in your estate.

Sales Persons’ daily time-tabling will become more efficient. By simply going straight to t
he directory, he/she is able to get in touch with the most productive agent of that particular estate and arrange for viewings immediately. Their energy and effort will then be channeled towards closing more deals instead of wasting so much time in the cumbersome logistics of “arranging viewings”.

End of the day, everyone benefits. House hunting made easier!

Trademark of ResidentAgent®

Resident Agent® is a registered Trade Mark filed with the Intellectual Property of Singapore ( T0808638C) by “Lim Shih Yang”. Anyone who wishes to use this registered Trade Mark for the purpose of promoting properties in Singapore, please kindly refer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you.