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Do the following complaints and comments from tenants sound familiar to you?

Mr Owner, aircon is not cold so we did a aircon chemical cleaning. Here’s the bill, please reimburse us.

Yes, we will service the aircon, but only 1 and not all 5. (The Tenancy Agreement did not specify quantity of aircons to be serviced)

Who can help service my Daikin aircon?

Must I replace it with original Mitsubishi aircon remote control or can I use those generic type?

Where to buy York aircon wall mount remote control in Singapore?

The kitchen cabinet hinges are detached…can you ask carpenter to repair?

Why do I need to dry clean curtains? Can’t I laundry wash them before handing over the apartment?

The One-time General Cleaning is not done properly, please send cleaners back and clean again.

There are scratches on the wooden door, can ask owner to rectify before we move in…

Sliding glass door lock is stuck, can help replace one?

Window handle is loose, please change it…

Mr Owner, the bulbs are blown, please ask electrician to replace, thank you…

Help! There is no electricity in my house! Help!

How to remove deep scratches on parquet flooring?

Parquet floorings scratches are part of “Wear & Tear”, I am not responsible…

Can you send someone to remove marble floor stain?

Hi Mr Owner, can you recommend someone to help me on disposal of furnitures?

Does the condo management allow my movers to move on a Sunday?

Before I handover the apartment to Mr Owner, I will remove hooks from the wall and paint over it.

Can I simply do a touch up painting instead of painting the whole wall when I hand over the apartment to the owner?

I can’t flush the toilet, can you send a plumber over to fix it?

Kitchen faucet/kitchen sink tap is leaking, please help?

The washing machine you supplied has stopped spinning, can you get someone to repair?

Where can I buy a washing machine?

Who can repair my dryer?

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How to manage home maintenance chores in my investment properties in Singapore?

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