EstateEconomy™ Franchise Model

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EstateEconomy Franchise Model?

EstateEconomy™ Franchise Model


We would like to extend the EstateEconomy™ business Model into a franchising model, which we called it “EstateEconomy™ Franchise Model”.   It is a bite-size, low-cost franchise model for Franchisees (eg neighbourhood stores with under-utilized capacities) to collaborate with Franchisers (Corporate RSPs) in the same industry.  These Franchisers of the same industry could be larger Confectionery/Bakery stores who want to tap on excess production capacities offered by franchisees to help scale their businesses without investing in new in-house baking facilities.

We are inviting tech companies, tech consultants, business consultants and brand consultants to bring in your existing corporate customers to explore the possibility of going into a 3-way partnership.  Your customers may fall into the following categories:

• Local corporates who are not into franchise yet but like to grow their network of neighbourhood stores using this franchise model;

• Local corporates who are already into franchise but are facing bottlenecks due to shortage of manpower and capacity constraints for their existing store networks;

• Foreign corporates who are keen to have their new presence in Singapore using this franchise model; 

• Foreign corporates who are already into franchise in Singapore but are facing bottlenecks due to shortage of manpower and capacity constraints for their existing store networks;


Condition of “One-Corporate-Per-Type-Of-Service, first-come-first-served, on an EXCLUSIVE BASIS in Singapore” applies.  i.e. we are looking for ONE corporate as franchiser for EACH of the following products/services which will be exposing your product/services in 5,000 Estate-Services-Marketplace. Examples (not exhaustive):

• Baked pastry 

• BBQ meat 

• Bread 

• Bubble tea

• Burger 

• Cake 

• Cookies

• Fried chicken 

• Fried snacks

• Pizza

• Soya beancurd

• Steamed bun

• Various hawker food

• Etc etc…

Through – a tech platform initiated by IMDA, we are seeking solutions to facilitate interfacing between franchisers, franchisees and RSP,  seeking an all-inclusive ecommerce solution with essential features built in. 

We were calling tech companies to participate in this challenge through this IMDA Open Innovation initiative to provide your solutions in February 2020. Please refer to

IMDA – Infocomm Media Development Authority is a statutory board of the Singapore government, under the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI).

In view of the Covid-19 situation, at least 50% of the traditional business models have disappeared globally.  Everyone is looking high and low for new business models not to thrive but only to survive.  The number of people (customers & providers) has shot through the roof.  If you are an advertiser, your advertisements online may go without notice in the ocean of online advertisements.  This is where we come into play as our platform not only connect everyone digitally but also physically in the same home estate. 

This EstateEconomy™ Franchise Model is scheduled to be launched on this platform in 2020.  This will be in line with the launch of the Estate-Services-Marketplace.  All these are done with the infrastructure already being set up in 5,000 home estates with Singapore's first kampung spirit (kampong spirit) mobile app.