How to advertise my services in my home estate?



As per my book “Why Aren’t You Having Afternoon Naps?”, we have created a marketplace out of nowhere in a home estate.  Not only that, through TackIt! ® - Resident NoticeBoard™ mobile app for 5,000 home estates (HDB/Landed/Private Apartments), we are creating 5,000 Estate-Services-Marketplace in the whole of Singapore.  We are also creating 120 types of services (and counting) in each home estates.  A total of 600,000 jobs will be created for Singaporeans.  "Resident NoticeBoard" is Singapore's first kampung spirit (kampong spirit) mobile app of such scale (in 5,000 home estates).

This Estate-Services-Marketplace provides commission-free advertising spaces to individuals and corporates ResidentServices™ Providers (RSP), who can advertise their services in your own home estate.  Your neighbours can directly contact any of the services offered by you as a RSP.   Please log on to the mobile app to see the 120 types of services under the bottom slider.  

When this Estate-Services-Marketplace is launched, it will serve like a directory of services and customers do not need to contact the RSPs through the mobile app.  They can simply contact all RSPs via the contact numbers displayed within the app.  In addition, transactions and activities on the app are not recorded and tracked.  Without this information, it is difficult to understand users’ behaviour and to make the experience more engaging for them. 

Through – a tech platform initiated by IMDA, we are seeking a digital solution to efficiently enable, track and manage communications and transactions between residents and ResidentServices™ Providers (RSP) within the mobile app. 

We are now calling tech companies to participate in this challenge through this IMDA Open Innovation initiative to provide your solutions. Please refer to  

IMDA – Infocomm Media Development Authority is a statutory board of the Singapore government, under the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI).

This Estate-Services-Marketplace is scheduled to be launched in the middle of 2020.