RESIDENT NOTICEBOARD™ - Connecting Neighbours™.

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This app is now available for free download in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam.


Connecting Neighbours™ is the tagline of this app.  However, it is more than a kampung spirit social media platform.  It is in fact an Estate-Services-Marketplace created for everyone to do business in his/her home estate. 


This is based on a simple and cost-effective business model created by the founder David Lim.  He has been doing business in his small home estate of 700 units in Singapore since 2006!  He has shared his experience in his book “Why Aren’t You Having Afternoon Naps?” published in May 2019.  With Work From Home (WFH) being the new norm, every home estate has become an even BIGGER marketplace for services.  Download the app to follow his blog on how he earns money from his home estate.

As a user, you can connect with:
(1) neighbours in your home estate;
(2) residents living in your country;
(3) residents living in all five countries through our E-Commerce Enabler MiniMall®. 
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