EstateEconomy™ Book

Estate Economy Book

Introducing a simple business model where your home estate is transformed into a marketplace for basic services. Contrary to public perception that one estate is too small and restrictive, this cost-effective model is proven to be sustainable since 2006.

With 120 types of services available to be offered in 5,000 estates (HDB/landed/private apartments), a total of 600,000 jobs will be created in Singapore. Collectively, they are expected to contribute $18 billion every year and add extra 3.52% growth per year on average to the Singapore GDP in the period 2020–2022.

The traditional Services Sector has always been very competitive. It is expected to worsen with the migration of many micro Product Retailers from the Product Sector as a result of the global OOC Paradox (Online → Offline-again??! → Combined) by online retail giants. However, the landscape of the fragmented Services Sector will change soon with our business model taking its shape which will enable every ResidentServices™ Provider to stand out in their respective estates.

Every estate will become self-sustained where Neighbours are inter-dependent on each other’s services (N2N™), forming Estate-Services-Marketplace. The 600,000-strong ResidentServices™ Providers are able to leverage in the Estate-Services-Industry-Platform and grow together in the Estate-Services-Entrepreneur-Incubator. I have also created an unconventional physical-cum-digital Estate-Social-Media Platform and promoting a positive kampung (neighbourhood) spirit in an Estate-Sharing-Economy.

We will now move from a Product-leading-Services modus operandi into a new Services-Led era.

Accidentally, a brand-new market structure has been created that is a hybrid of Monopoly and Monopolistic Competition.

I call it, EstateEconomy™ Business Modelwhere money can be made in your home estate!™

I have decided to put the full-fledged business plan of this EstateEconomy Business Model into this book released in May 2019.  I have deliberately called it "Why Aren't You Having Afternoon Naps" to depict the privilege of having daily afternoon naps working from home estates.


This book is now available in major leading book stores in Singapore (Kinokuniya, Times and Popular bookstores @ S$32.00 + GST).  It is also available on Kinokuniya online store:  Alternatively, you can loan a copy from National Library of Singapore.

  • Book category: Non-fiction, Business
  • Book Type: Paperback
  • Book Title: Why Aren't You Having Afternoon Naps?
  • No. of pages: 248
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Resident Butler .sg Pte Ltd
  • Publication Date: 8th March 2019
  • NLB ISBN: 978-981-14-0985-1
  • NLB CIP Identifiers: OCN 1091224200 | 978-981-14-0985-1 (paperback)
  • NLB Subject: LCSH Home-based businesses -- Singapore
  • NLB Classification: BLBDDC 658.0412--dc23